Angry Birds RPG 4: NewBird City is the prequel & spin-off of all the franchise story. Placing 11 year before the event of the first Angry Birds game, and 21 before Angry Birds RPG, the game itself will tell you what was the history of the famous birds.


The game take place in NewBird City, where all the birds were born. The game is not a "crush the wall" game. It's a platformer game like the third RPG. All the episodes actually show you the life of Angry Birds. If someone has inspiration to actually continue the story, erase the bold text and continue the story please!


  1. Hello, Birdy!
  2. The Babytooth Years
  3. Kindergarten Affairs
  4. Go to School, honey!
  5. The Preteen atitude...
  6. Teen Complications?
  7. Golden Eggs


  1. Welcome to Adulthood, I'll be your guide.
  2. The Psychology of the Birds
  3. Withdraw to the Past! ( Additional episode, parody of Back to the future. )
  4. Multiple season-themed episodes. ( Such as "Ham'o'Ween Kid Scares!" )

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