Angry Birds RPG: Oogielove Saga


Rovio Entertainment



Release Date:

August 29, 2013


Mobile Device, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360



  1. Big Bob-omb
  2. Key Guards
  3. Stupid One
  4. Prince Pig
  5. Toofie
  6. Ancient Stone
  7. King Pig
  8. Toofie (2nd time)
  9. Bromanor
  10. Matilda Googol
  11. Helmet & Moustachio
  12. Toofie (3rd time)
  13. Dra"cool"a
  14. Zombot 1.3.0
  15. Gweelrock
  16. Toofie (last time)
  17. The Eater
  18. Girly Pig
  19. Goobie
  20. Xoonie
  21. Doofie
  22. Zoozie
  23. Noomie
  24. Season Brothers
  25. Mechanic Pig
  26. Postman Pig
  27. Chef Pig
  28. Chronicler Pig
  29. Professor Pig
  30. Venomous Dry King Pig
  31. Qoorie
  32. Evil Within possessing King Pig (final boss)


Seed, Super Seed, Hyper Seed, Max Seed, Split Seed, Super Split Seed, Hyper Split Seed, Max Split Seed, Syrup, Super Syrup, Hyper Syrup, Max Syrup, Split Syrup, Super Split Syrup, Hyper Split Syrup, Max Split Syrup, 5-leaf Clover, Red Pickle, Green Pickle, Blue Pickle, 1-Up Seed, Super 1-Up Seed, Split 1-Up Seed, Super Split 1-Up Seed

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