Angry Birds Quarry
Release Date December 19, 2014
Platforms Android
Windows Phone 8

Angry Birds Quarry is a free-to-play 3D platforming adventure video game that is set to be released in December 19, 2014. Like Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Go! and Bad Piggies, the gameplay isn't like the original Angry Birds game, to which the game doesn't play similarly to the original game. Instead, you will help the birds to defeat the pigs not by launching them, but by controlling them.


The birds are immortal and can't lose lives, but touching an enemy stuns them, knocking him backward. Some enemies don't stun the birds but transform him in one of several ways, these transformations replacing the helmets of the first two games. For example, if Red gets hit by a Zombie Pig, he will become a zombie, or if Matilda is crushed by something heavy, she will be flattened. The birds' transformations can help them complete the level. Puffy Red, for example, can float through the air, providing access to areas previously out of reach.

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