This is my Angry Birds Plush Adventures series. There are currently 26 characters (28 if you count the eggs and Super Red Bird). It premiered on June 5, 2013 and has 2 seasons so far.


  • Red (Red Bird) - His debut was in episode 2.
  • Blue Jay (Blue Bird) - his debut was in Season 2 Episode 7, or episode 23. His brother Jake will come soon.
  • Blue Jim (Blue Bird) - debuted in Season 2 Episode 9.
  • Chuck (Yellow Bird) - his debut was in episode 9.
  • Bomb (Black Bird) - his debut was in episode 2.
  • Matilda (White Bird) - her debut was in episode 4. She laid the bird eggs the pigs want to steal from.
  • Hal (Boomerang Bird) - his debut was in episode 16, the season finale of Season 1.
  • Alexander (another Boomerang Bird) - his debut was in Season 2 Episode 9, and is the hispanic cousin of Hal.
  • Terence (Big Brother Bird) - his debut was in episode 5.
  • Bubbles (Orange Bird) - his debut was in the same episode Blue Jay was in.
  • Female Red Bird - her debut was in the same episode Blue Jay and Bubbles were in.
  • Big Blue - the 8 in. version of the Blue Jay. He debuted in the same episode Blue Jay, Bubbles, and Female Red Bird were in.
  • Big Chuck - the 10 in. version of Chuck. He debuted in the same episode Big Blue did.
  • Big Bomb - the 9 in. version of Bomb. He debuted in the same episode Big Chuck did.
  • Al - the 9 in. version of Hal. He debuted in the same episode Big Bomb did.
  • Albert - the 12. in version of Hal and Al. Unlike Hal and Al, he has a strong voice and has different eyebrows and a ring near his beak. He takes place of the Mighty Eagle. Not yet confirmed. He debuted in the same episode Al did.
  • Medium/Minion Pig - his debut was in episode 1.
  • Corporal Pig - his debut was in episode 19, or Season 2 Episode 3.
  • King Pig - Appears in every episode Medium Pig has been in. Also debuted in the same episode as Minion Pig.
  • Armor Dave - An 8 inch version of the Corporal Pig. Debuted in Season 2 Episode 7, or episode 23. He has a twin called Armor Bill, coming soon.
  • Armor Bill - Another 8 inch version of the Corporal Pig, but has not appeared in any episode yet.
  • Foreman Pig - his debut was in episode 24, or Season 2 Episode 8. His eyebrows are orange.
  • Alice the Bunny Rabbit - A female bunny rabbit that appeared in episode 7.
  • Dolphin - A dolphin that teamed up with King Pig in episode 6 and episode 7.
  • Eggs - The bird eggs that Matilda laid. They debuted in episode 4.
  • Peddy - Appears in a couple episodes. He is black, white and brown teddy bear.
  • Lite - A dream lite dog that appeared in a couple episodes. DEFINITELY on the birds' side because he likes to beat up pigs and call them weaklings and wimps. His brother (or cousin), "Shift Doggie" appears in NASisawesome10's videos on youtube. He also does Angry Birds Plush videos.

Series overview

All episodes have been airing on Youtube starting on June 5, 2013. Season 1 starts:June 5, 2013

Season 1 ends:September 30, 2013

No. of Season 1 eps:16

Season 2 starts:October 21, 2013

Season 1 (2013)

EP1:Introducing the Piggies (Airdate:Jun 5th 2013) - The pigs relax in a house.

EP2:Birds in the Morning (Airdate:Jun 7th 2013) - Red and Bomb wake up in the morning and Red wants to know what the pigs are doing.

EP3:Father's Day 2013 (Airdate:Jun 16th, 2013) - King Pig reminds Minion Pig that it's Father's Day, and while he writes a letter for him, the birds spy on him.

EP4:The Eggs (Airdate:Jun 22nd, 2013) - Similar to the game. Matilda just laid eggs. Red, Bomb and Matilda are having a peaceful day when Minion Pig and King Pig steal the eggs. Will the birds get victory or will they be toast?

EP5:Bomb's Birthday (Airdate:Jul 5th, 2013) - It's Bomb's birthday, and Terence needs to get everything Bomb wants - cake, presents, blah blah blah blah bl-

EP6:A New Minion (Airdate:Jul 7th, 2013) - King Pig wants the eggs again, and a dolphin comes up and teams up with King Pig.

EP7:Birds Scare Pigs (Airdate:Jul 22nd, 2013) - The pigs want the eggs again, and the birds have a plan to scare them off.

EP8:The Disguise (Airdate:Aug 10th, 2013) - King Pig disguises as a babysitter to steal the eggs. Will the birds find out?

EP9:Knowing the characters (Airdate:Aug 24th, 2013) - We review on the characters.

EP10:King Pig's Horrible Dream (Airdate:Sep 3, 2013) - King Pig has a horrible dream where birds just hiss, will he be able to get out of it?

EP11:Red's Dream (Airdate:Sep 7, 2013) - Red has a dream where a dog is a evil and tries to get revenge on Red.

EP12:Minion Pig Goes To School (Airdate:Sep 11, 2013) - Minion Pig has to go to school - and see what's new there !

EP13:The Pigs Fort (Airdate:Sep 13, 2013) - The pigs build a fort which moves slowly to steal the eggs. Hopefully, the birds have something up their sleeves - tricks! (This episode has bloopers that came out the same day)

EP14:The 18th Annual Fighting Competition Games (Airdate:Sep 22, 2013) - The birds and pigs have to fight in a competition. Who will win the award?

EP15:Bird Sickness (Airdate:Sep 28, 2013) - Some birds get sick and Red needs to cure them.

EP16:The Big Birdup Finale (Airdate:Sep 30, 2013) - All the birds get trapped except Terence, which frees Hal because they were trapped the pigs that want to steal the eggs. He must save the rest of the birds or the pigs will cause havoc!

Season 2 (2013-)

SSN2EP1:The Idol (Airdate:Oct 21, 2013) - Minion Pig gets invited to an idol with three bosses, Peddy, Lite and Hal the Boomerang Bird.

SSN2EP2:Ghosts! (Airdate:Nov 2, 2013) - After behaving so badly, King Pig wants Minion Pig to get lost. Suddenly, after getting lost, he finds ghosts! Will Minion Pig get back and King Pig to apologize? Or will he get doomed for the rest of his life?

SSN2EP3:The New Pig (Airdate:Nov 4, 2013) - Corporal Pig (or Helmet Pig) joins the pigs. Now with 3 pigs, they might get revenge on the birds once in for all!

SSN2EP4:Hide and Seek (Airdate:Nov 15, 2013) - The birds and pigs decide to hide and seek, and Terence has to seek.

SSN2EP5:Thanksgiving Special (Airdate:Nov 26, 2013) - The birds dream of their next thanksgiving, but the pigs try to spoil it by stealing the eggs.

SSN2EP6:Hal's Walk and others (Airdate:Dec 20, 2013) - Hal takes a walk and other stuff happen at the end.

SSN2EP7:New Year's Special (Airdate:Dec 31, 2013) - The birds and pigs celebrate New Year's.

SSN2EP8:King Pig's Search for the Calcuator (Airdate:Jan 25, 2014) - King Pig needs pay a check with his calcuator...then it gets lost! Can he find it before it is too late? (Sorry this episode came late)

SSN2EP9:The Hoax (Airdate:Feb 15, 2014) - King Pig finds a way to steal the eggs by escaping defeat.


Angry Birds Test Videos

Episode #1 (Airdate:November 30, 2013)

Episode #2 (Airdate:December 14, 2013)

Episode #3 (Airdate:December 17, 2013)

Episode #4 (Airdate:January 5, 2014)

Episode #5:Angry Birds Space (Airdate:February 14, 2014)

Angry Birds Shorts

Episode #1:Terence the Big Man on Guard! (Airdate:June 27, 2013)

Episode #2:My birthday! (Airdate:October 26, 2013)


You can watch these wacky funny videos at:[[1]]

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