These are the powers of the birds in Angry Birds Plus Nintendo.

Red Bird

  • Mario - Slams into the ground 3 times. Does little damage.
  • Fire Mario - Shoots red balls of fire that are affected by gravity. Does normal damage.
  • Bowser Mario - Shoots a red flame that does extreme damage, but has a somewhat small range.
  • Ultra Mario - Slams into the ground once. Does lots of damage.
  • Child Metroid - Zaps nearby pigs and TNT. Does over-average damage.
  • Magolor - Shoots a black laser with little range and average power.

Blue Bird

  • Falco - Rushes into the structure. Does average damage.
  • Navi - Flaps its wings rapidly. Pushes nearby blocks and pigs. Does little damage.
  • Normal Waddle Dees - Normal Splits-Into-Three ability.

Yellow Bird

  • Captain Falcon - Rushes into the structure, surrounded by flames. This intentionally resembles the Falcon Punch somewhat. The rush does lots of damage, but has little range.
  • Peppy - Does an aileron roll into the structure (the aileron roll is misidentified as a barrel roll in StarFox). Does average damage, but has little range.
  • Baby Metroid #2 - Latches onto a nearby pig, and steadily sucks the pig's life force until the pig dies. Deals lots of damage total, over a long period of time.

Black Bird

  • Black Shadow - Makes a very powerful explosion with little range. However, unlike the standard Black Bird, Black Shadow will not disappear when it explodes.
  • Baby Metroid #1 - Attaches itself to a nearby pig, then explodes. The explosion does little damage, but has a very large range.
  • Meta Knight - MACH TORNADO, BABY! WOOOOOOOO! Not much range, but it does throw stuff around, as well as dealing little damage to any unfortunate pigs.

White Bird

  • Krystal - Twirls its staff. Doesn't sound very effective, until you find out the staff occasionally fires lasers.
  • Boo - Dissapears. Once it vanishes, tap somewhere else on the screen, and Boo will reappear there, scaring any nearby pigs in the process. The scare deals average damage.

Green Bird

  • Luigi - Normal Boomerang ability.
  • Fire Luigi - Shoots green fireballs that fly in a straight line, potentially ignoring gravity.
  • Bowser Luigi - Shoots a green flame that does average damage, but has a large range.
  • Ultra Luigi - Slams into the ground once. Deals extreme damage.
  • Link - Slashes his sword.
  • Landia Dragons - Spews a bluish-orange flame that does lots of damage and has average range.

Big Brother Bird

  • Samurai Goroh - Rushes into the structure. Deals extreme damage.
  • Bowser - Shoots an orange frame that deals lots of damage and has an average range.
  • Wolf - Uses Fire Wolf on the structure.
  • King Dedede - HAMMER TIME! Has average range and dishes out over-average damage.

Orange Bird

  • Fox - Fires his blaster.
  • Yellow Toad - Normal Puff-Up ability.
  • Toon Link - It's the Hurricane Spin from Windwaker! It doesn't have much range, but it packs quite the wallop!
  • Kirby - Swallows some of the structure, then follows up with its normal Puff-Up ability.
  • Ultra Sword Kirby - The structure is slashed by a sword of over-average power and extreme range. That should do the trick!
  • Monster Flame Kirby - A huge, orangish-white, dragon shaped flame comes crashing into the structure. Deals average damage.
  • Flare Beam Kirby - Just like in Kirby's Return To Dreamland, you are able to control a floating orb of electricity and fire. In Angry Birds Plus Nintendo, it isn't too big and deals little damage, but considering you can control its flight path, that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  • Snow Bowl Kirby - It's pretty much Orange Bird plus Ice Bird. Hope you have fun with this bird: it should be easy!
  • Grand Hammer Kirby - Just like King Dedede's power, but with boosted range and power.

Pink Bird

  • Zelda - Uses Naryu's Love.
  • Sheik - Throws a Deku Nut at the structure, creating a stationary bubble that lasts for 15 seconds and deals little damage to any trapped pigs every second.
  • Jody Summer - Rushes into the structure. Deals average damage.
  • Peach - Sleepy Sheepies! Sounds cute, doesn't it? Any pigs hit by one of the sheep recieve no damage, but become completely stationary for 25 seconds.
  • Samus Aran - Shoots her blaster. Deals lots of damage.
  • Zero Suit Samus - Shoots her paralyzer. Deals little damage, and makes any surviving target become completely stationary for 7 seconds.


  • Baby Metroid #3 - Zaps nearby pigs. Deals average damage.
  • Blue Toad - Shoots spores that deal lots of damage, but have a small range.
  • Baby Metroid #4 - Throws nearby blocks and pigs all over the place.
  • Dry Bone - Enters its shell and spews a small, yellow flame. The shell deals extreme damage. The flame deals average damage.
  • Bandana Waddle Dee - Spears! Spears everywhere! They're small and do little damage, but they come in VERY large groups!

Sonic and Snake themselves are usable!

  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Homing attacks. Can be used up to 5 times. This ability has over-average power.
  • Solid Snake - Throws a grenade at the structure. The grenade creates a small explosion with extreme power.

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