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Angry Birds Percy Jackson

Release Date

December 26, 2018


iOs, Android, Holopads, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, other tablets


Singleplayer, Challenge, Telepod

Created by

Rovio, Stark Industries™




Bad Piggies Future


Angry Birds Heroes of Olympus

Angry Birds Percy Jackson is a new game that happens in the Percy Jackson BOOKS universe.

Original Characters

The Heroes

  • Percy Redson (Red)- Attacks with Riptide.
  • Stellabeth Chase (Stella) - launches her dagger
  • Grover Birdwood (Chuck) - use panic
  • Teryson (Tyson) - massive damage.
  • Clarisse Eggrue (Matilda) - Attacks with Energy Spear
  • Thalia Eggrace (Purple Bird) - Summons a Ray
  • Silena Birdgaurd (Light Pink Bird) - Attracts Pigs
  • Nico Birdangelo (Bomb) - Invocates Ghosts
  • Charles Bombendorf (Bomb colored Brown) - Explodes on Fire
  • Travis and Connor Stoll (Blues) - split in two
  • Zoe Birdshade - (Stella colored Grey) - shoots arrows
  • Rachel Dare - (Stella colored Orange) - yellow power attack
  • Chiron (Hal) - boosts
  • Mighty Blackjack (Mighty Eagle) - Total Destruction


  • Luke Castelham (Red colored dark blue) - attacks with Blackbiter
  • Etham Nakamura (Chuck colored dark green) - throws three knifes
  • Kronos' (King Pig) stop bird in time, move blocks, chaos
  • Hamotaurus (Chef Pig)
  • Titan Pig (Mustache Pig)
  • Corrupted Demigod (Minion Pigs)
  • Monsters (Minion Pigs)
  • Atlas (Fat Pig)


Note: All gods except for Dionysus, Apollo and Artemis are only playable in "God Mode" or Telepods 

  • Zeus (Chuck colored Sky Blue) - throws thunderbolt
  • Poseidon (Water Bird)- summons trident and wave
  • Hades (Big version of Bomb) - explodes on dark energy
  • Ares (Hal colored Blood Red) - Spear Attack
  • Athena (Matilda colored Light Purple) - drops energy bombs
  • Apollo (Sun Bird) - Supernova
  • Artemis (Chuck colored Dark Purple) - Shoots 5 arrows
  • Hephaestus (Fire Bird) - Fire Spinning Attack
  • Aphrodite (Stella collored Shiny Pink) - Attracts Pigs with pink waves
  • Hermes (Chuck colored Brown) - speeds up
  • Dionysus (Orange Bird) -puffs up
  • Aeolus (Wind Bird) - attacks with wind


  • Leo Valldez (Fire Bird) - is set on fire
  • Jason Eggrace (Chuck) - Summons Rays
  • Piper Mclenny (Stella colored Shiny Pink) - attracts pigs and structures (less than Aphrodite)
  • Hazel Levesque (brown-colored female black bird) - gold attack
  • Frank zHamg (Hal colored Blood Red) - shoots arrows
  • Grey (Egg) - attacks with spear


The Lightning Thief

Sea of Monsters

The Titan's Curse

Battle of the Labirynth

The Last Olympian