Angry Birds Paint is a very clever update to paint programs. It allows you to play an original Angry Birds game, with new birds and pigs and items and all sorts of changes!


Photoshop and Angry Birds

Angry Birds Paint has releaced a Photoshop teaser!

Read our comments for the request.

Angry Birds Paint now not a remake

Angry Birds Paint has had an update where the episode "Poached Eggs" is replaced with Painting!

How to Get

First, go to (fake website, do not try this), then choose the paint program you will play on. Then, click download. After, an Angry Birds App Icon should appear somewhere. (See the How to Get Gallery for where it appears) Click on the icon, then Paint will close. Another window, called Angry Birds Paint will appear. Start playing, and have fun!

How to Get Gallery


  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • Black Bird (Unplayable)
  • White Bird (Unplayable)


  • Small Pigs
  • Medium Pigs
  • Large Pigs
  • Helmet Pigs
  • Mustache Pig (Cutscenes only)
  • King Pig (Cutscenes only)


  1. Painting
  • MS Paint Icons (MS Paint version only)
  • Paint.NET Icons (Paint.NET version only)

Icons Gallery

Episodes Gallery

Website Gallery

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