Angry Birds Mystic is an Angry Birds series made by Grace a.k.a me.

The birds recieve elements and find out that the Pig Wizard has taken their eggs. And they have to get them back before the wizard turns them into cooked eggs.

Red Bird- Fire

Blue Bird- Water

Yellow Bird- Lightning

Black Bird- Darkness

White Bird- Light

Green Bird- Forest

Terence- Earth

Orange Bird- Fire

Ice Bird- Ice (Duh)

Wizard Bird- Fire, Ice, Lightning, Forest (Hes the Flock's new friend and the guardian of the Magic Temple)

Season 1 Episode List- Total Episodes in Season 1: 22

1- Meeting the Magic

2- Runaway Feathers

3- The Speed of Lightning

4- Sticky Situation

5- Cold as Ice

6- Stuck in the Weeds

7- Wheres the Yellow?

8- Getting the Blues

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