This game was released on July 13, 2013.


The box art for Angry Birds Monsters (May change soon)

8 and up Sign

This game has been rated 8 and up for little violence, but lots of scariness.


All the birds sees the 3 eggs. After that, they see the coloured blobs (from Club Penguin) to transform into monsters. Then they discovered Random Bird and Magnet Bird.



Angry Birds Monsters Group

The birds in order (without Monster Eagle,and Monster Dragon)

  • Grass Bird - The classic Red Bird - Screams.
  • Sharp Birds - The classic Blue Birds - Clones into three smaller birds.
  • Shooter Bird - The classic Yellow Bird - Speeds up and locks on target, alike Lazer Bird
  • Virus Bird - The classic Black Bird - Explodes.
  • Mask Bird - The classic White Bird - Drops a monster egg bomb.
  • Buggy Bird - The classic Boomerang Bird - Acts as a boomerang.
  • Miku Bird - The classic Big Brother Bird - Moans.
  • Marth Bird - The classic Orange Bird - Infaltes.
  • Sir Bird - The classic Ice Bird - Freezes blocks and pigs.
  • Rena Bird - The classic Brown Bird - Bounces and riocheting.
  • Random Bird - The 1st new bird - Opens his beak to eat pigs.
  • Magnet Bird - The 2nd new bird - Magents all blocks then gets a giga explode.
  • Hook Bird - The classic Purple Bird - Goes left and right.
  • Monster Eagles - The classic Mighty Eagle - Pops an wormhole, using a sardine can.
  • Monster Dragons - The classic Mighty Dragon - Pops an wormhole, using a red koi fish.
  • Ghost Bird - His ability is to be invisible and when he go through materials, a trail comes by and that can break any material, and pop pigs.


  1. Monster Transformation
  2. Ghoul House
  3. Piggy Vampires


Trick Or Treat - Angry Birds Seasons Music01:37

Trick Or Treat - Angry Birds Seasons Music

Main theme

The main theme is Trick or Treat from Angry Birds Seasons.

Play On

  • PC - July 13
  • Mac - July 13
  • iOS - July 13
  • Android - July 13
  • TV (DVD) - July 20
  • TV (TV Games) - July 20
  • Galaxy Note - July 20
  • Nintendo 3DS - July 27
  • Nintendo DSi - July 27
  • BlackBerry PlayBook - August 1


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