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Angry Birds Mii is
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an original Angry Birds game, but on the Nintendo Website and with Miis.


The Angry Birds have not seen the pigs at all in that day, so they are looking after their eggs. Some seconds later, a red portal (same colour as Mario's Hat) appeared and the birds got pulled in! The birds found themselves as a person called a Mii, a name similar to the birds' second favorite gaming console, Wii. Even the pigs were Miis! How to get home? Get the eggs back. This has some of the features from New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Mii Birds

  • Red Mii - Opens his giant beard-looking beak to reveal an open, screaming mouth.
  • Blue Mii - Explodes, leaving behind 3 smaller Blue Miis.
  • Yellow Mii - Drops to the floor and runs super fast, and starts flying.
  • Black Mii - Head explodes, and when falling on anything else, or when starting touching anything else, explodes completely.
  • White Mii - Drops a Mii Egg, that turns into a random Mii Bird that will go crazy.
  • Gold Mii - There is no Mighty Eagle, because he is too fat. But, the Gold Mii has 3 powers.
  1. Drop a Gold Ring - He will fly down and you can move him about untill his ring is in the place you want it. If there are blocks in the way when the ring is placed, the blocks are destroyed. This Gold Ring, after being touched by a bird, will turn pigs gold. When you kill them, an explosion of coins appears round the area the pig was killed. You can now collect the coins for more points.
  2. Turn a hole block into Gold - (The blocks with holes in them) Gold Mii has the power to make any block with a hole in the middle into gold. If a bird touches this, he turns gold and a stream of coins appears behind him as he moves. It also gives the powerup Sling Scope to the other birds for free in that level, so they can collect the bird's stream of coins
  3. Appear in any area of choise - You can choose where to place the Gold Mii. After placing the Gold Mii, he has a gold glow around him. Anything he touches turns to coins untill he touches the bottom ground, or moves forward out of the building. Note: No pieces fall down.


10 of each costs $1.99, other amounts to be created soon.

  • Fire Flower - Only appears because of coin-creating machines needing fire. Gives the bird the ability to throw fire.
  • Sling Scope - They help you see where the bird will go.
  • Turn to a Bird - The Mii in the slingshot becomes a bird.
  • Mii it Out - This makes any Mii of your choise disapear, and appear in the next level.
  • Mii U - The great Wii U, with lazer lights and real coming out gameplay, appears and it will make a pig play it, but the lazer lights make him explode, or the coming out gameplay kicks him in the face.
  • Nintendo MiiDS - The Nintendo 3DS appears, and when a pig gets it, he creates himself. After that, Mii Creator goes crazy and makes the 3DS go crazy, and it explodes.
  • Nintendo MiiDS XL - Same as the MiiDS, but flys around the space it is in and has a bigger explosion.
  • Mii Sports - Any random sport from the game Wii Sports Resort is played, and the pigs try to join in. King Pig and Moustache Pig stay where they are, and Helmet Pigs don't get hurt.
  • Pig Are Normal - All the pigs (except Helmet and King) become their normal selves. They go crazy and die.
  • MiiPass Mii Plaza - 10 Miis come out of a portal, and the pigs follow them. A few seconds later, the pigs come back looking all beat-up.
  • MiiPass Quest - King Pig disapears (If he is in the level) and appears in a flying cage. The King Pig is taken away and an army of ghosts appear. The pigs get swords and kill the ghosts, but an army of Blue Ghosts come and kill all original pigs. King Pig gets killed from far away and you still get his points.
  • Alvin and the Miis - The Mii versions of Alvin and the Chipmunks appear, and the pigs go crazy. (Only the ones who wear Alvin clothes)

Powerup Gallery

Alvin and the Miis

More coming soon.

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