Multiplayer is a version of Angry Birds Mario that allows you to play with other nearby people.

How it works

It will not work on Angry Birds Mario - Disc Version. Multiplayer Version is a version for people to play with up to 4 players nearby.

How it works - Host

  1. Click on Multiplayer
  2. Click on Host
  3. Choose between Play Good or Play Bad. Play Good means you will be good. Play Bad means the opposite
  4. A new window will open. It closes your game. It will show how far other computers can be and how many players there are. Another window that appears can say No internet connection. Click here to return.
  5. Click Continue
  6. Another new window appears. It is the game, but it is called Angry Birds Mario Multiplayer
  7. Make the settings you want
  8. Enjoy!

How it works - Join

  • Same as Host, but without 7.

More info soon!

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