1. New Angry Birds Mario (Nintendo DS, Playable on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL in 2D)
  2. New Angry Birds Mario Wii (Wii, Playable on Wii U without HD)
  3. New Angry Birds Mario 2 (Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL)
  4. New Angry Birds Mario U (Wii U)


New Angry Birds Mario

When Mario Bird is walking with Princess Peach Bird, Mario Bird sees something weird at the castle. Bowser Pig Jr takes Princess Peach Bird and runs off.

New Angry Birds Mario Wii

It's Princess Peach Bird's birthday, and there is a cake. But the Piglings were hiding in the cake, and put Princess Peach Bird inside it. They took the cake away and two Toad Birds shot some Propeller Mushrooms and Penguin Suits with a cannon.

New Angry Birds Mario 2

The Mario Birds are ready to go coin-collecting with their Raccoon Powerups. But the Piglings have returned and have taken Princess Peach Bird.

New Angry Birds Mario U

Just another day, but Bowser Pig throws the Mario Birds and Toad Birds into a tree; full of Acorn Mushrooms!


New Angry Birds Mario

Super Mushroom

If the bird turns smaller, you can grab one of these yummy mushrooms and the bird turns normal.

1-up Mushroom

Get another life!

Mega Mushroom

This makes the bird giant and it can smash things. But this won't last long, and you get 1-up Mushrooms if you smash enough things. The most you can get is 5. You also get 5 if you smash the flagpole.

Mini Mushroom

The bird will turn tiny, and fit through small gaps and pipes.

Blue Koopa Shell

A blue shell. Act like a Koopa Bird.

Fire Flower

Throw fireballs; even underwater!


INVINCIBLE! Defeat any enemy by walking into them; not for long. Go through 8 enemies to earn 1-ups until it wears off.

New Angry Birds Mario Wii

1-up Mushroom

The 1-up returns.

Mini Mushroom

Another returning powerup. Bird becomes tiny again.

Super Mushroom

Yummy. Get a chance to live and be bigger.

More soon.

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