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(Fanon Story)

Main Characters:


Stella (Red's girlfriend)

Chuck (Jealous of Red for falling in love with Stella)

Side Charcters:




"Everyone! Return to safety!" Red once again got the hands of the eggs, and immediately passed the eggs to Chuck back into the nest. After returning into the nest, Chuck sees and likes Stella a lot more than the moon and stars, so he starts shining the spotlight on himself, demostrating at he does better than Red. Unfortunately. Stella's crush is on Red whenever she sees him. Sorry Chuck, she's not in your hands for your romantic botique with the night sky, without the glamorous white, shining shooting stars.

Stella was once kissed by Red without Chuck noticing. If Chuck sees it, it will latch this memory into his mind and he will insist knocking Red out and he takes her for a honeymoon vaation. (Chuck, find te best birdfriend with some amazing personality, like Willow?)

Chuck will set a trap for Red. He dressed himself as another Red. However, he ensures that he does not want to make it obvious. He does not want to do it now, because Red will be surprised to have another Red.

While Red was asleep that night, he dressed up Red as a girl. How he did it? He grabbed a lipstick from Stella's own wardrobe, a bra from the Piggies he is stealing (canon Angry Birds Egg's Day Out, remember?), contact lenses from her table, and anything he could do to make a fool out of him. He chuckled sliently, without Red waking up in his sleep. Stella was sleeping far from him. He chuckles again.

The next morning, he wakes up, without realising that he was tricked by Chuck, he got out of the tree and Matilda prepares him food. She did not notice him too. She happily gave him a breakfast signature made by her. Willow was just beside her. Eeekk!

Willow told him off to check himself out what is going wrong with him. He borrowed from Stella a hand mirror and notices he was dressed up as a girl! (Chuck's tee-hee sound)

What will happen next?

A younger big, bad, bold. mighty red finding the root cause of the problem. So he drew out the possible birds. Stella, Willow, Matilda and Chuck. Stella was crossed because she will not do such a thing to him. No birdies will be done in this way! Matilda was crossed too because she is his mother hen. Willow? Willow was quiet and she wouldn't dare. She would hide under her hat if she was blamed for this. Chuck? He is very reckless and a super racer... Whatever!

Then who did it?

Hint: A wannabe bird. It starts when a later C in it twice and ends with k. It is Chu. No, not just Chu! Looking at the shape, it is a he. A triangle phony with a mop hair. Chuck!

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