Angry Birds Lost is a game released February 16, 2014.

Story (seen in a cutscene video)

Bubbles (Orange Bird) and Chet (Brown Bird) were taking a walk around Piggy Island. They soon realized they didn't know the way back, and a massive hurricane blew the young birds away from the shore of the island. Later on, in the floating wreckage, they discovered that a few Minion Pigs and Corporal Pig had also been swept away. Bubbles, Chet, and the pigs wash up on an island far away. Can these solitary birds stop those Bad Piggies from wreaking havoc?


  • Brown Bird - Ricochets
  • Orange Bird - Inflates
  • Parrot - Shakes, like Blu in Rio
  • Indiana Chuck (not Yellow Bird, just an explorer) - Uses rope as a grappling hook
  • Tree Snail - Rolls up and spins, like Droideka in Star Wars II


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Corporal Pig
  • Marmoset (similar to the ones in Rio)


  1. Washed Away
  2. Temple of Pork
  3. Sandy Shores
  4. Swinging in the Coconut Trees (Coming soon)

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