Characters and Powers

Hawkred (Female) - Same as Luke Skywalker's, but it is a mace.

Clash (Chuck)- Speeds up

Super Red- Immune to hits

Martian Man(explode)r- Throws a weapon and explodes when hit into a block

Wonder Matilda- Drops an egg and uses her lasso for swinging

Batred- Just screams.

Green Haltern- Uses Laser Beams to make boomerangs.

The Mighty Wachtower- Finishes the level

Enemies and Bosses

Psycho-Pirate- Boss

Shark Pig

Grodd Pig- Boss


Gotham Asylum

(Grodd Grabs the birds)

Other Characters

Robin the Red- Hooks to sling

Black Stella Canary- Tap to make the Pig Readers deaf.

Plastic Chuck- Bounces Up

Mas and Minas and new twin- Split into 3

Firestorm Toaster- Fires enemies

Nothing Section

Batman Missions

Copperhead Escaped! 3/5

Joker's Evil Trick

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