Angry Birds Insanity is a spinoff of Angry Birds as a whole.

Some Things To Know

  1. The plot doesn't differ a ton from the original Angry Birds.
  2. The original idea of the game is to bring birds from different Angry Birds games together.
  3. The current idea of the game is- OH LOOK A BIRDIE! LET'S SHOOT IT OUTTA CANNON!
  4. If this game is ever made, it'll be a fan game, and it won't take itself seriously.
  5. Many things have been removed from this article.
  6. This game is 2.5D.
  7. The person who wrote this article is either a genius or a complete idiot. And I've been leaning toward the "complete idiot" side lately.
  8. No vandalizing this article. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, XXNOSCOPERPROXX.


All the birds in the original Angry Birds game are present. The following are all the other "flingy things".

  • Tony (aka Blue Terrence) from Angry Birds Seasons. His special ability is a ground pound.
  • Luca from Angry Birds Stella. Produces a scream that breaks glass, passes through wood, and is stopped by stone.
  • Willow from Angry Birds Stella. Functions similar to the Boomerang Bird.
  • Green Balloon Bird. Inflates to a slightly smaller size than the Orange Bird does, but its deflation is less unpredictable. (Don't tell Orangebird763!)
  • Aqua Bird. His tongue pierces through glass and weakened wood. Attempting to break anything else results in epic grappling-hook action.
  • Melon Bird. Flings a watermelon.
  • Samuel The Purple Bird. Loops around twice.
  • Durian Bird. Can penetrate through stuff very easily, but has some trouble with stone.
  • Brown Bird. Can ricochet off a single surface and not lose momentum.
  • Violet Bird. (I've asked Jonathan.menges what its power is. Currently waiting for an answer.) No special abilities. It looks kinda cool, though.
  • A firework with a picture of a dragon on it. Lighter than other projectiles. Upon activation, it will rise into the air and explode. If it hits something, it will automatically activate after 2.5 seconds.
  • An electrified bird decoy. For 5 seconds after launch, it automatically produces currents of electricity, which can travel through metal and zap enemies.
  • A large water balloon, painted to look like a pig. Heavier than other projectiles. When it hits something, it explodes. The resulting water displaces parts of nearby structures.
  • A fake goat corpse, with the Coffee Stain Studios logo on it. Destroys stuff pretty easily, and bounces several times before losing momentum.
  • A box with the logo of Rovio on it. 1.5 seconds after launch, it will release plush toys of the original five Angry Birds.
  • A white sandbag with eyes, with Nintendo's logo on it. Travels through the air much faster, but doesn't destroy stuff as easily.

Sometimes, two projectiles will be on top of one another. In this case, they will separate when they hit something or use their special abilities.


  1. Once Again Poached. The pigs steal the eggs. The birds get them back. Sounds normal, right? Well, yes. But the birds actually decided to take some weaponry this time. No guns, though, because they're pretty sure that stuff is evil. But fireworks? Totally safe. Has 3 themes with 18 levels each, making for a total of 54 levels.
  2. Coastal Calamity. Anyone wanna go to the beach? …again? Has 2 themes with 21 levels each, making for a total of 42 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episode, that's a total of 96.)
  3. Phoenix Field. As if the birds hadn't had enough crossovers already! The pigs decide to knock-off F-Zero for their next egg-stealing plan. Start your angry engines! Has 2 themes with 15 levels each, making for a total of 30 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episodes, that's a total of 126.)
  4. Golden Island. I'm sure some of you know where this is going. Has 2 themes with 20 levels each, making for a total of 40 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episodes, that's a total of 166.)
  5. Intermission. As the episodes directly before and after this one don't flow too well into each other, the player is given a short overlook of the events in between said episodes. Has 2 themes with 9 levels each, making for a total of 18 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episodes, that's a total of 184.)
  6. Fowl Play. The pigs, tired of strategic egg retrieval and tiring avian capture, directly attack the flock and THEN steal the eggs AND the slingshot. The birds who make it out unscathed decide to build a cannon in place of the slingshot, which means the slingshot controls are reversed for this episode. Has 3 themes with 15 levels each, making for a total of 45 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episodes, that's a total of 229.)
  7. Explosion Frenzy. SO MANY EXPLOSIONS. (Michael Bay would be proud.) A single-theme episode with 15 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episodes, that's a total of 244.)
  8. Try, Try Again. Felling a bit reminiscent, the pigs reuse some of their old plans and expand on them. (Danger Above, Birdday Party, and Short Fuse come to mind.) Except for the egg-stealing part. They're still working on that. Has 3 themes with 12 levels each, making for a total of 36 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episodes, that's a total of 280.)
  9. Recap. Several levels from previous episodes reappear. But something's… different. And that difference isn't consistent, either. A single-theme episode with 20 levels. (Including the levels of the previous episodes, that's a total of 300.)
  10. More Golden Eggs. Has 20 golden eggs hidden away in other levels.
  11. ???. Each level in this episode is unlocked upon getting 2/3rd of the stars in the previous themes, and each makes a reference to something else from pop culture. If you understand the references, it should be easier for you to get through. A single-theme episode with 20 levels.


This game contains content owned/inspired by the following companies:

  • Rovio Entertainment Limited (their logo, the Angry Birds franchise)
  • PopCap (some of the birds are based on plants from Plants VS Zombies)
  • Sega Corporation (a pair of Sonic recolors make several cameos)
  • Sonic Team (see above)
  • HBO Entertainment (inspiration for the intro)
  • Coffee Stain Studios (their logo, the goat from Goat Simulator)
  • Nintendo (their logo, the Sandbag from Smash Brothers, the F-Zero franchise)



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