This is a series in which the Angry Birds travel in time with the pigs every step of the way!

Season 1

Season 1
Name. Summary. Guest Stars. Release Date.
To Victoria! Red Bird builds a time machine and the birds decide to go on a mega, epic, time-travelling adventure! When Yellow Bird sets the controls for Victorian London, the pigs stow away in the back. The birds are put in Queen Victoria's dungeon when the pigs cause mayhem but the birds fight back! Queen Victoria, Prince Albert. TBA.
The Bird Migration! The time-travelling team's next adventure is set in the year 10000. Humans are long gone but birds and pigs still fight. Orange Bird meets his great x300  grandson and finds himslef going with him. The other birds have to rescue him from Neptune which is falling into a black hole! Orange Bird's great x300 grandson. TBA.
B.M.S. Titanic! The crew find themsleves on the R.M.S. Titanic. Red Bird falls in love with a bird on the boat. He wants to bring her back Black Bird warns him about changing history. The Blue Birds say that birds can't change history too much but a little bit. The pigs hear that and decide to move the iceburg, thus causing the Titanic to never sink. Maiden Bird scarcfices herslef to put history back and she suceeds but to a terrible cost... Maiden Bird, Titanic Captain. TBA.
Christmas, A Time To Change. The birds spend Christmas in the year 4010.  What can go wrong? 

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