Angry Birds II: On the Altered World(AB Alternative in China) is the second installment of the AB Reboot Series and the sequel of this game. They also give 50 bird coins to those who are first timers of the game.


When the pigs and birds went to an alternative world, they found something unexpected making the timeline of Angry Birds change from 2009-present to 1993-present. As the birds join the Angry Pigs to stop Pigstructon Day, Rovio planned to release Angry Birds Hal in 2019.



  • Red- Flies to a targeted area
  • Chet- Ricochets
  • Stella- Shoots a pink blast
  • Kyle- Hammer smash to a targeted area
  • Blues- Splits into 3
  • Bomb- Shockwave
  • Gale- Summoned using golden fish
  • Freckles- Flies and crash
  • Corporal- Explodes
  • Jetpack Pig- Drops a TnT


Name in bold indicates a boss

  • Hal- Blocks anything that comes his way
  • Tehc
  • King Bird
  • Handsome Pig
  • Stupid- Blurs screen when any bird(but Chet) launches
  • Time Villains
  • Mighty Eagle- Abilities: 1. ​He can turn pigs into Larger Varieties. 2. He can crushbirds using his ultimate shockwave stronger than Bomb's


  1. Universe Changed
  2. 1995
  3. A Surprise
  4. Evil King Bird
  5. 1995: The Time Villains
  6. Pigs Barn
  7. The Evil Mighty Eagle

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