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Angry Birds High School




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Angry Birds High School is a TV series that is one of the prequels to The Angry Birds. It is the first prequel series in the Angry Birds Movie Universe. It also crosses over with other characters from different franchises at the time as Angry Birds,most notably Usagi from Sailor Moon


Season 1

The show takes place in the start of the school year in August 2007.Red,a freshman who is obsessed with his favorite anime, attends Angry Birds High School with his friend John Tilda as they go on their adventures in the school. From meeting new friends to facing the bully pigs,Red has nothing that can stand in his way.

Season 2

In January 2008,at the start of the 2nd semester at Angry Birds High School,Red,still a freshmen,goes on his journey to pass his classes. In the season 2 finale,From Star to Legend,he will unlock his other self as the Angry Bird of Justice,Sailor Red.

Season 3-4: The Rise of Sailor Red

In August 2008,Red starts his sophomore year at Angry Birds High School,meeting old friends and new faces. As Sailor Red,he faces the bully pigs and their minion pigs. Starting with season 3,Usagi gets a major role and some episodes will be adaptations of Sailor Moon episodes.

Season 5-6: The Defenders of Angry Birds High School

In August 2009,Red starts his junior year at Angry Birds High School where he,as Sailor Red,teams up with John,who becomes Gakuran Tilda,Sailor Moon,and Lucy to defend and protect the high school from different dimensions of bully pigs.


Damien Tran as Red/Female Red/John Tilda/Bully Pigs/Freckled/Minako

Rebecca Shoichet as Usagi

Tara Strong as Stella

Tabitha St. Germain as Rei

Khary Payton as Coach Bombington

"Weird Al" Yankovic as Frecks

Kevin Michael Richardson as Bomb

Cree Summer as Vivio (season 2-)

Tania Guanadi as Amanda Tilda (season 3-)

Kari Wahlgren as Jessica Tilda (season 3-)

Kristen Li as Lucy (season 4-)

Grey Griffin as Ruby Tilda/Makoto (season 5-)

Noël Wells as Ami (season 5-)

Hynden Walch as Hotaru (season 5-)

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