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Angry Birds Gravity Falls is a new game that is being created by GoldGames. It takes place after Dreamscapers but before Gideon Rises.


Bill Cipher some how finds his way to the Angry Birds, and says he has been summoned by the King Pig to destroy the Angry Birds. Back in the Mystery Shack, Dipper and Mabel are playing Angry Birds. When Dipper sees Bill Cipher in the game, he figures out something is wrong and uses 3 to figure out how to get in the game. He soon figures out how, and he and Mabel jump into the screen and turn into birds. The two introduce themselves, and say about Bill Cipher and what a threat he is. Later that day, Grunkle Stan walks by the screen and since the two kids never closed the portal, he got sucked in too. The birds end up finding that Bill Cipher went out of the game, and was playing it for himself. He kept on launching the birds backwards, but since Dipper and Mabel never turned off the portal they could go back to the Mystery Shack. Everyone, even the birds, went into the portal back and were still birds. They figured out they had to stop Bill Cipher in order to turn back into people. Then Soos went walking by, and ended up turning into a bird. The kids end up figuring out that if Bill Cipher wouldn't get stopped, everyone would turn into a bird then get sucked into the game Angry Birds. The birds then went to stop Bill Cipher. 


Red Bird 

Blue Bird 

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

Dipper Bird

Mabel Bird

Soos Bird

Grunkle BIrd

Book 3 (Replacement for Mighty Eagle)


Gideon Gleeful (boss) After defeating him, you unlock Book 2.

Bill Cipher (boss) After defeating him, you unlock Book 1.

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