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It is like Angry Birds Chrome but better. It has power-ups! The mighty eagle still apears but there is a option to
Ab Google

The Logo

use mighty dragon too. The game was released on April 8, 2012. The game was announced on January 16, 2012.(This isn't Google+ Version.)



  • Red bird - Screams
  • Blue bird - Splits into three
  • Yellow bird - Speeds up
  • Black bird - Acts as a bomb
  • White bird - Drops an egg bomb
  • Boomerang bird - Acts as a boomerang
  • Big brother bird - Screams
  • Orange bird - Inflates
  • Fish box bird - Throws any type of fish inside a white box
  • Pink ice bird - Turning surrounding blocks (and pigs) into pink ice
  • Dark orange bird - Inflates in 15 seconds until it pops
  • Winged bird - Flys
  • Mighty eagle (episodes only) - Kill all pigs in a level
  • Mighty dragon (episodes only) - Loops and kill all pigs
  • Mighty snake (Year of the Snake only) - Loops and kill all pigs
  • Blu - Pushing and rocking nearby blocks
  • Jewel - Flys
  • Pink Bird: Traps stuff in bubbles


  • Small pig
  • Medium pig
  • Large pig
  • Helmet pig
  • Moustache pig
  • King pig
  • Rocket Pig
  • Red Pig
  • Pink Pig
  • Blue Pigs


  1. Poached Eggs
  2. Mighty Hoax
  3. Danger Above
  4. The Big Setup
  5. Ham 'em High
  6. Mine & Dine
    Boomerang and white bird

    White bird and boomerang bird in the game

  7. Birdday Party (105 Levels)
  8. Bad Piggies (released on January 12, 2016)
  9. Red's Migthy Feathers (released on April 8, 2016)
  10. Short Fuse (released on June 4, 2017)
  11. Google Dimension
  12. Easter Eggs (released the game with the Easter version)
  13. Ham'o'ween (released on October 21, 2012)
  14. Year of the Snake (released on January 30, 2013)
  15. Tap in the Back (Green Bird only Playable in this level)
  16. Trick or Treat (90 Levels) (released on April 8, 2016)
  17. 4 Angry Birds Rio Episodes


  • Sling king (Upgrades wood slingshot to metal slingshot)
  • Super seeds (Upgrades bird to bigger size and more strength)
  • Add-it-up (Adds another bird)
  • Sling-scope (Shows where your bird will go)
  • Birdquake (Shakes ground)
  • Pig Puffer: Inflates Pigs


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