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Angry Birds GO! 2: World Tour is the sequel to Angry Birds GO!. You travel to different places around the world, racing like in the original game. You can race near or even on world landmarks. The game was released October 3, 2016 in Finland and the United States; the day after in France, Britain, and Canada; and October 10 worldwide. Once again, this game supports the use of Telepods like in the original game.


  • Red and his Scarlet Sedan
  • Stella and her Bubble Blower
  • Chef Pig and his Cooking-mobile
  • Bomb and his Fizz-Boom
  • Freckles (Freckled Pig) and his Homemade
  • The Blues and their Triple Tracker
  • King Pig and his Crown Chrysler
  • Chet (Brown Bird) and his Ricochet Roadster
  • Terence and his Beep Beep
  • Bubbles and his Floating Far
  • Postman Pig and his Mail Trekker
  • Matilda and her Peace-mobile
  • Foreman Pig and his Bearded Buick
  • Krystal (Ice Bird) and his Arctic Automobile
  • Hal and his Back 'n Forth
  • Corporal Pig and his Armored Auto
  • Chuck and his Mega Rocket
  • Fat Pig and his Heavy Honking
  • A birdee-Bike - a bike similar to a cart but is fitted with a bike structure and bike wheels


  1. Piggy Island
  2. Amsterdam
  3. New York
  4. Paris
  5. Venice
  6. Shanghai
  7. London
  8. San Francisco
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Berlin
  11. Tokyo
  12. Vancouver
  13. Washington DC
  14. Buenos Aires
  15. Sydney
  16. Easter Island
  17. Beijing
  18. Mt. Rushmore
  19. Mexico
  20. Hong Kong


  • All of the tracks are partially powered by Google Maps.
  • In every level(Excluding Hong Kong), Track three's Finish Line is in the air, an Air Balllon that flies to the next location
  • The Tokyo Update is the only labeled update in the game so far. It added Berlin, Tokyo (thus the name), and Vancouver. It also introduced Fat Pig.
  • The game makes a reference to the car companies Chrysler and Buick, as King Pig's kart is a Crown Chrysler and Foreman Pig's kart is a Bearded Buick.
  • With a total of 16 (Excluding Expansions) episodes, Angry Birds GO! 2: World Tour is the Angry Birds game with the most episodes.
  • In all 3 tracks in Paris, you have to race to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • In all 3 tracks in San Francisco, your kart goes onto on the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • In all 3 tracks in Venice, you race in boats in the canals.
  • In track 2 in Berlin, you go through Brandenburg Gate.
  • In tracks 2 and 3 in New York, you pass by the Empire State Building on 5th Avenue.
  • In tracks 1 and 3 in New York, you kart goes onto Brooklyn Bridge.
  • In track 2 in Vancouver, you pass the Olympic Stadium.
  • In tracks 1 and 2 in Tokyo, your kart goes onto Rainbow Bridge.
  • In tracks 2 and 3 in Washington DC, you have to race to the front of the White House.
  • In all 3 tracks in Las Vegas, the race takes place on the Strip, starting at the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign and racing to the Las Vegas Stratosphere.
  • In track 1 of Beijing, you ride on the Great Wall of China.
  • In track 1 of Hong Kong, you appear to be in Central
  • In track 2 of Hong Kong, you fly toward The IFC tower
  • In Track 3 Of Hong Kong you are flying around the IFC and upward, once you reach the top, you fly down in a zero-G and reach the finish line.
  • If you are in Mexico, playing the game on the day of the dead, you will find that the decor has changed to match the theme
  • The setting is around the world.


On the original Angry Birds GO! app, there is a button next to the Jenga Mode button. The button has a little globe on it, and it takes you to a promotion of Angry Birds GO! 2: World Tour. The description is:

"Angry Birds GO! 2: World Tour is out! The birds and pigs have decided to take their racing dual outside Piggy Island, and it's great fun! You'll go all around the globe racing your favorite feathered friends, as well as a few swine. Drive new karts, play new game modes, explore new locations, unlock new characters, and Fly to the top of the IFC, Go across the Golden Gate Bridge And Race to the top of the eiffel Tower!"


Cutscene Showing An Unknown bird explaining the race

Piggy Island

Stunt Track to the Sub zero - Stunt Karts

Sub Zero to SeedWay - Rocky Road Karts

Seedway To Air ballon(Flying to Amsterdam) - Air Carts

Cutscene Introducing Stella Upon Landing


Across Jordaan - Speed boats

Jordaan Docs to VondelPark - Birdee-bike's

VondelPark to Anne Frank house to Air Ballon - Air Karts (Unlock Stella)

Cutscene showing Chef Pig Cooking meals, He then see's Red and stella Eating and thinks about Racing

New York

Brooklyn Bridge to The BIrd Feather(Fictional Building) - Seedway Karts

The Bird feather(Fictional building) to the Empire State building - Seedway karts

Brooklyn bridge to Chrysler building To air baloon (Unlock Chef Pig) - Air Karts

Cutscene showing Red Talking To The Bird at the beginning in the background while Chef pig is staring at stella, he is at first angry but then offers stella Pizza, while eating Fat pig and Bomb come to eat with them, bomb gives the evil eye at stella.


Game modes

  • Race - Finish in the top 3!
  • Time Boom - Beat the fuse!
  • Fruit Splat - Splat the fruit!
  • Versus - Set the difficulty higher for bigger prizes!
  • Champion Chase - Beat [Character Name] 3 times to recruit!
  • Slalom - Drive through the gates!
  • Destruction - Destroy as many blocks as you can!
  • Jenga - Destroy the pigs!