English Angry Birds Fight

Espanol Latino Angry Birds Lucha!

Chinese 憤怒的小鳥戰鬥!

Tawiwan 愤怒的小鸟战斗!

Korean 화가 조류는 싸워라!

Germany Angry Birds-Kampf!

French Angry Birds Fight! Silly

Russian Angry Birds Fight! Silly Agian

White Russian Angry Birds Fight! Silly Agian

Greek Angry Birds Fight! 4th Silly

Arabian الطيور الغاضبة قتال!

İtalian Angry Birds Fight! 5th Silly

Afician Angry Birds Fight! 6th Silly

Azerbaijan Angry Birds mübarizə!

And My Fav's Japanese 怒っている鳥は、ファイト!

Max Season 6

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