Cargo:Here İs Your Pack

Elif/Pink Choolate:thanks

WTF (WAT THE FUCK) Mini Eg's On The Red's Nest!

  • Twilight Sparkle
  • And Her Friend's
  • Red Bird Called Stupid

  Elif/Pink Choolate:Yes I Wanted Only it

Twilight Sparkle:Thanks For Buy Me!

Pinkie Pie:Mee Too

Rainbow:Dash Me Two

Fluttershy:Me Three

Applejack:Mee Four

Rarity:Me Five

Elif/Pink Choolate:Do Red Bird's House

Mane Six:Okay

Elif/Pink Choolate:Transform Pen! Transform Me Turn İnrto Summer Stlye

Elif/Pink Choolate:Hello Red

Red:Hi What İs İt

To Be Conuted


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