Angry Birds Extreme Time is a extreme powers for birds & time preview for pigs

Birds, Pigs & Power Droids


  • Strong Birds - Blue Birds. Will be destroyed the pigs & blocks
  • Speed Bird - Yellow Bird. Give up to run & fly to "speed"
  • Racer Bird - Red Bird. Beat to race & called "bomb run"
  • Fire Bird - Black Bird. Team up to die & "boom!"
  • Egg Bird - White Bird. His going to leave to transform the Eggs
  • Fat Bird - Big Brother Bird. When his eat it's blow like a balloon
  • Dumb Bird - Orange Bird. will be tank to dirt
  • Lightning Bird - Pink Bird. When launch his going to storm lightning
  • Knife Bird - Purple Bird. spliting the powers to slice to Knife

Power Droids

  • Super Mighty Eagle - Superhero of the bunch
  • TNT Drack Box - Burning Smart to Die
  • Robot Egg - it's going to leave to launch to eat them


  • Giant Pig - King Pig
  • Balloon Pig - Fat Pig
  • Cat Pig - Mustastache Pig


  1. Let's Practice
  2. Deafeat to Exersise
  3. Super Play
  4. 5 Challenge
  5. Bonus Champion
  6. Special Wave to Win!


  • Robot Egg
  • Super Seeds
  • Strong Sling
  • Birdquake
  • Super Mighty Eagle (type as getting the Mighty Eagle Players)

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