Angry Birds Extreme Pig Invasion is a game on iOS and Android devices.  

Boxart and app opener.


The birds haven't seen any pigs lately, and their eggs are about to hatch. Meanwhile on a different part of Piggy Island, the pigs are planning an invasion with all kinds of powerful pigs to destroy the birds once and for all. The pigs invade the bird's part of Piggy Island and capture the eggs. The birds then go out to get the eggs, only to be stopped by a huge army of pigs. Each episode only has somewhere between 1 and 10 levels, as they are mainly about the boss.


1. King Pig's Ambush

2. Alliance of the Fat Pigs

3. Revenge of the Ghost Pigs

4. Doodle Pig's Final Strike

5. The Mega Ultra Super Huge King Pig Returns

6. Return of the Fat Pigs

7. The Undead Rises

8. Doodle Destruction

9. The Super Sized Phase

10. Evil Elders

11. Another Doodle Is Drawn

12. The End of Time: Part 1

13. The End of Time: Part 2

14. The End of Time: Part 3

15. The End of Time: Part 4

16. Queen Pig's Assult


1. King Pig (appears in King Pig's Ambush)

2. Fat Pig (Appears in Alliance of the Fat Pigs)

3. Obese Pig (Appears in Alliance of the Fat Pigs)

4. King Ghost Pig (Appears in Revenge of the Ghost Pigs)

5. King Doodle Pig (Appears in Doodle Pig's Final Strike)

6. Lord Pig (Appears in The Mega Ultra Super Huge King Pig Returns)

7. Fat Pig +  (Appears in Return of the Fat Pigs)

8. Ghost Pig (Appears in The Undead Rises)

9. Doodle Pig (Appears in Doodle Destruction)

10. Mega Pig (Appears in The Super Sized Phase)

11. Super Grandpa Pig (Appears in Evil Elders)

12. Doodle Horses (Appears in Another Doodle Is Drawn)

13. Time Biter Bird (Appears in The End of Time: Part 1)

14. Time Cooker Bird (Appears in The End of Time: Part 2)

15. Time Gobbler Bird (Appears in The End of Time: Part 3)

16. Time Eater Bird (Appears in The End of Time: Part 4)

17. Queen Pig (Appears in Queen Pig's Assult)

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