PLEASE ADD A PICTURE FOR A LOGO, I DO NOT HAVE PAINT MATERIAL! ADD A PHOTO AND REMOVE THIS SENTENCE PLEASE? Angry Birds Evolution X, is another RPG, being the first to feature Evolving. IT IS NOT a sequel to  Angry Birds: Evolution and is not related with it in any way.

Evolution System

The Evolutionary System is very simple. You have to evolve the bird using stars you earn on a level.You can distribute the stat points the way you want to make your bird learn that stat (Damage,Velocity,Power Effect) . One star is equal to 5 stat points. Your bird evolves and changes appearance according to the stat you choose for it. when it reaches a number in the table of 50, it evolves/changes appearance.The max stat capacity is 1000. Eg. I get two stars on one level and 3 on the other. I change them into stat points and get 25 points. I distribute 10 points to Red for Damage. I distribute 5 to Chuck for Power Effect and 5 to The Blues for Damage.

Plot (Story)

The birds have gone to pop the pigs, they get there eggs and go to celebrate. A strange Portal pops up and a shadow rips out of it. the shadow hits the banner which says "Yay eggz" ,thus tearing it apart. It is then shown that the shadow was a pig. The pig introduces himself as Rokkey, A robot pig who looks exactly like a real pig with no wire stuff or metal. He has a gun which is painted black, it looks like the X-Buster from the Megaman X Game Series ( No reference is meant. I just ran out of ideas) As the portal closes, he explains that he has escaped from an egg hunter. The egg hunters are an organization that hunt for eggs to serve there master. Now they are after the birds' eggs. AS the birds turn back, there eggs have gone. they realize that the hunters must have stolen the eggs. Now they must find there eggs and get revenge for Rokkey.


Every original bird from the original game.

Fanon Birds-

1. Aerolite Bird- Falls down at the speed of sound with blue and green flames around it. It is a green lazer bird.

2.Moonlight Bird (UdayRana1)- Summons the moon and fires a moon colored laser from its mouth which is aimed where you tapped or clicked.(ShoopdaWhoop reference).

3.Ripper Bird- When tapped or clicked, it sends out an iron chain with a hook at the end. The hook destroys blocks when its going forward, and pulls them back when going back. The hook can not kill pigs, but instead, it pulls them back so fast that when they land they die.


1. What's going on?!?

2. Evolutionary Evolution

3. Evolved Piggy?!?

4. PiggiesRUS

E. Evolved Eggs

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