Angry Birds Epic 4 is the fourth spin - off game and the free-to-play turn-based role-playing video game. It now focuses on The Blues and their new friends. It contains the characters from Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Stella. It contains 8 birds (which Luca, and Dahlia are removed from the flock).


The gameplay is similar to Angry Birds Epic, where the player must swipe from a Bird whose turn is not yet used to a Pig when it is his/her turn.

The game features four kinds of currency:

  • Silver Coins, a common type of currency, are used to buy blueprints, classes, crafting materials, class and potion upgrades. These can be earned by defeating pigs, opening Treasure Chests, damaging Wealthy Rogues, damaging enemies with Piggy Mc'Cool and finishing daily dungeons. Sometimes the player gets a few Snoutlings as a consolation prize if he/she loses a battle.
  • Lucky Coins, however, are more rare and used to buy certain classes, spin the Golden Mystery Box, hire the Mighty Eagle, buy permanent upgrades and emergency consumables in battle. They can be earned by defeating the Daily Golden Pig, leveling up (until you reach the max level which is 25) or purchased with real money.
  • The Essence of Friendship is more different. It can be earned by asking Friends (like the friendship gate), bought with Lucky Coins, it is rewarded when a friend uses one's bird, and it is one of the items that you get when you scrap a Legendary Set Item. It is used to reroll the Wheel of Fortune and the crafting dice.
  • Gems, are from Angry Birds GO!. It has different kinds of colors that are combined when buying objects that are crafted out of gems. It is rewarded when one completes a daily battle or one finds a wealthy pig with crystals. So far the colors are: Cobalt Plateaus: Green, Limestone Lagoon: Yellow, Southern Sea: Turquoise, Winter Wondeland: Blue, Lake Land: Pink, Pumpkin Plateau: Orange, Hazy Hollow: Purple, and the Storm: Red. The rest will be in random colors.


  • The Blues
  • Chuck
  • Willow
  • Bomb
  • Poppy
  • Gale
  • Matilda (visiting the Floating House regularly)
  • Red (turned into its second appearance again)


  • This is the longest time we see Red viciously fears a main character.
  • This is the first time The Blues appear as the main character instead of Bubbles.

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