This is a game based on the movie Ender's Game.


  • Ender Wiggin (Red): no power (before Battle School), shoots lasers (during Battle School and beyond).
  • Petra Arkanian (Stella): shoots double the lasers.
  • Colonel Graff (Chuck): speeds up faster than light.
  • Bean (Al): drops an EMP grenade, launching him backwards.
  • Alai (Bubbles): shoots five random lasers.
  • Mazer Rackham (Bomb): explodes, destroying lots of pigs. Only playable in the bonus chapter Mazer Rackham's Run.


  • Stiltson
  • Stlitson's Posse
  • Bonzo Madrid
  • Salamander Army Soldiers
  • Other Army Soldiers
  • Formics


1. The Bullies Back At Home

2. Bonzo and Battle School

3. Command of the Stars

4. Battle of the Formics

Mazer Rackham's Run (unlocked when 500 stars is achieved)

The Formics' Side of the Story (unlocked when all stars are achieved)

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