Boxart for the game.

Angry Birds Doodle Trilogy is a game that was released for XBOX 360, XBOX 1, 3DS, Wii U, and PlayStation 4. You can plsy Angry Birds DoodleAngry Birds Doodle 2Doodle Horse Assult and Angry Birds Doodle Notebook.


The Angry Birds and the Doodle Birds are having a picnic, until a portal comes out of nowhere, It sucks all the birds in, and they go back in time to the time of Angry Birds Doodle, without any memory of what happened after the events of Angry Birds Doodle. The Angry Birds then are running around and the red bird ran into a mirror. The bird all of a sudden fainted. An odd black bird came out.  It ran and hit the other Angry Bird.  A fight then went on and the game plays as a normal game.  After you beat world 3-19 then a cutscene shows where the Doodle Birds go and makes black eggs.  Then Pigs steal it and the Doodle Birds Team up with the Angry Birds.  After the pigs are deafeted it ends with a picture of the Angry Birds with the Doodle Birds living happily ever after.  After you beat the game you can replay it with Doodle Pigs at the main enemy.  After the Doodle Pigs are defeated you play it in the Doodle World. After the events, the Angry Birds and Doodle Birds get sucked into another portal to the time of Angry Birds Doodle 2.  The birds are hanging out till odd Doodle Horses came and ATE all there eggs. The Angry Birds and Doodle Birds were so mad.  The game then plays where for every other level your a type of Doodle Birds.  After you beat it, Mini Game mode is unlocked. Then another portal comes out of nowhere and the birds get sucked in again, and they end up going to the time of Doodle Horse Assult. The Birds then are hanging out with there doodle counterparts.  All of a sudden a normal horse came out.  It told the birds they could have free rides!  The birds and the doodles all went on the horses.  Except one normal Angry bird and Doodle bird stayed there.  The horse then turned into a doodle horse and attacked the birds and took them to the Horse world.  The Horses locked up each type of bird in a seperate cage.  The two birds left and went into the horse world and saved the worlds and the birds and doodles. After that, you unlock Free Play mode. Then, in an extra episode, you go against the King Doodle Horse and an army of Helmet Doodle Horses. When you beat King Doodle Horse, all Doodle Horses are transformed into regular horses and the birds and horses live happily ever after. After that, you unlock Doodle Horse Mode.

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