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Angry Birds Despicable Me

Release Date

August 10th, 2013


AllanofAmerica Productions


All Platforms


Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Telepod

Number Of Episodes

No information

First Episode

Bank Of Evil

Last Episode

El Macho's Lair

Previous Game

Bad Piggies: Time Travel

Next Game

Bad Piggies Star Wars II

Angry Birds Despicable Me is an all-new game from Rovio and AllanofAmerica Productions. It was released on August 10th, 2013. An update for Despicable Me 2


Red Bird/Gru - shoots a highly concentrated laser beam

Blue Birds/Minions - split into three, then they throw bananas

Yellow Bird/Dr. Nefario - speeds up (ironically), shoots jelly (Despicable Me 2 update)

Female Black Bird/Edith - throws spikes

White Bird/Margo - throws flaming books

Pink Bird/Agnes - two powers: One, normal Pink Bird power, two, to summon the Mighty Unicorn

Female Red Bird/Lucy Wilde - shoots electricity (or, Lipstick Taser!)

Mighty Eagle/Fluffy Unicorn - same as Mighty Eagle


  1. Bank Of Evil
  2. Asian Lab
  3. Super Silly Fun Land
  4. At The Moon
  5. Gru vs. Vector
  6. Paradise Mall
  7. Cinco de Mayo Party
  8. El Macho's Lair

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