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Angry Birds Comic Books


1: Poached Eggs

  • Tuff Bird: Bomb is working out and he gets strong feathers. Now, everyone looks up to Bomb instead of Red.
  • Slingshot 101: Red hosts a class on teaching The Blues, Bubbles, & Stella on how to slingshot.
  • Steal that Steel: The birds make steel eggs to trick the pigs.
  • Not Those Canned: The birds are tired of them chasing the pigs, so the unleash Mighty Eagle.
  • A Day In Pig City: We find out what life is like in Pig City.
  • Boiled or Scrambled?: The birds set out dummy-eggs for the pigs and they can't decide to boil them or scramble them
  • New Pig In Town: Mechaical Pig moves to Pig City.
  • Slingshot 102: The Blues play with the Slingshot, so Red teaches them again.
  • Easy Does It: Corporal Pig wants King Pig to be in a parade, but the Minion Pigs aren't careful enough.