Angry Birds Collection Series: The Flock's Trap

This is the first movie of the Angry Birds Collection Series. This is when the flock was playing "Cannon Balls" with Bomb. They accidentally launched into the dead island of Piggy Island.They kept panicking because they think that they would die if they stay there forever. Read the full story below.


Blue Jim:Hey Bomb, let's play Cannon Balls!

Bomb: Let's play it, guys!

*after launched, fell into the dead island*

All except Maya: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Bomb: This is the end!!! *smashes a broken glass*

Hal: I'm gonna die! *breaks a branch*

Chuck: Oh! You broke the whole!

Maya: Can everyone stop making noise for the second, were gonna stop and I have to analyze!

Hal: Why, we are stuck here! *keeps smashing the branch*

Bubbles: *wakes up* That's it, I'm gonna analyze!

Terence: I cannot be alone here for a bit longer. Aaaahhhhh!

Maya: Okay, I think there has to be a way to get out of here...... Behind you, guys!

Chuck: Aaaahhhhhhh!

*everyone jumps off, cut scene*

Gale: That was too close. I almost got caught there.

Poppy: Are you crazy, we almost died there!

Bomb: Poppy, that's not a killing trap, that was a catching trap!

Poppy: What's a catching trap?

Bomb: A catching trap is...

*10 second rustle*

Chuck: I cannot take the pressure anymore!

Maya: Everyone, go this way, go left then go right and we split!

Hal: We have to split and make your own way out and we'll regroup there!


Terence: I need somebody! HELP!

Bubbles: I'm going to the left, then I'll go right and straight ahead!

Stella: Oh, Willow's here!

Bubbles: I'm straight ahead, but I haveto turn around and go right!

Blue Jake: If your almost there, run as fast as possible!

Willow: Guys, just listen to Blue Jake!

Blue Jake: Behind you! Behind you! Behind You!


*sensitive, then blow her horn very loud*

Red: Nooo!

Chuck: I cannot take the pressure!

Gale: I'm sensitive. So I do thing quickly.

Chuck: Okay, back to the... Behind you!

Gale: What!?

*Gale docks*

Gale: Phew! That's close!

Bubbles: I'm so alone! I wish I could run fast!

Red: Shheeedd!

Bubbles: Shhheeeddd!!! *slapping Red until he's whipped*

Maya: Turn right, straight ahead. Then...

Red: SHED!

Maya: Oh, great!

*then explodes*

Red: Nooo!

Hal: Oh my gosh! Its so small! I can't see!

Red: *laugh*

Hal: Get outta here!

*stepped into a rope*


All: We did it!

*then escaped*

Bubbles: That's worse! I almost survived!

Blue Jake: Let's play something else.

Maya: I'm gonna find more shells.



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