Angry Birds Clubhouse: The Movie is a movie that will be released in Early 2016.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is trying to take down  Angry Birds Clubhouse! Will the company be safe? Will Woody, Winnie, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Matilda save the day?  find out when you watch "Angry Birds Clubhouse: The Movie!"


At Angry Birds Clubhouse, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Matilda find a letter, it said, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse makes episodes which teach children something and makes 1 million, kids love it. It's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! This million-dollar business is getting popular by any minute." Red calls on the phone and says, "Hello, is this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Mickey Mouse, oh, I'm just a maker who wants to award you $5,000!" and Red came up with a plan which is to use $500 bills from Monopoly and put it in the box, Mickey Mouse will think that there's $5,000 inside and he'll be shocked. Once that happens, they run away. Then, Woody comes to the clubhouse and tells the gang that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse will be taking over their own show. as if he was a spy from Harry Potter. Then, Winnie comes in and everyone goes.

So Red comes to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse studio, Mickey sees Red and thinks he's the banker, and tells him where's the dough, Red gives him the Monopoly $500 bill, then Mickey Mouse said, "Why did you use Monopoly money? That's it! I'll get you for this" and Red runs away, Chuck was hungry, so the gang decides to eat at McDonald's, but Mickey Mouse comes and sees the bottle and it's Tabasco, the Mighty Eagle comes and drinks the Tabasco and breathes fire at Mickey Mouse and everyone eats their meal. Goofy calls in the phone to find out how Mickey is doing, Mickey says that the Mighty Eagle breathed fire at him. Goofy hangs up and goes away. Meanwhile, Mickey has a bag in his head running away from Red and Red says that it is not cool. Than Goofy comes and sees Red, Mickey tells Goofy that he's the one who gave him the Monopoly money and he has learned about his secrets.

Then Chuck comes to the studio and looks for Mickey.


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