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Angry Birds Clash is the ultimate Angry Birds game that practically puts almost all the official games to shame. All the birds from Angry Birds Stella permanently join the Flock while Gale joins King Pig and his army of pigs. New birds and new pigs make their debut in this game as well. The gameplay of Angry Birds Clash is a mix of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds GO! and platformer games like Megaman, Ducktales: Remastered, Super Mario and Freedom Planet. The main Angry Birds Flock were cloned and the clones were given Space powers.

If you want your birds and/or pigs featured here, be my guest. Insert them here and I will decide if they are in this fanon game or not.


(Coming Soon. If you have any ideas, you can insert the storyline here.)


Mighty Creatures


(More info coming soon.)

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