Angry Birds Cars 2 is a game from Matthew Frick.


Red Bird: Screams.

Blue Bird: Splits into three.

Yellow Bird: Speeds up.

Black Bird: Explodes.

White Bird: Drops an egg.

Green Bird: Boomerangs back.

Big Red Bird: Moans.

Orange Bird: Inflates.

Pink Bird: Trapping objects in bubbles.

Mater: Flies backwards.

Finn McMissile: Holds structures & other stuff.

Holley Shiftwell: Tases lemons & pigs.


Those are the episodes

  1. The Oil Rig
  2. Tokyo Time
  3. "French" Fries
  4. Italy Idle
  5. London Lungeoff
  6. Revenge of Professor Zundapp
  7. Golden Tires
  8. Get Angry Birds
  9. Get Angry Birds Seasons
  10. Get Angry Birds Space
  11. Get Amazing Alex
  12. Get Bad Piggies


(Everybody will make fails, & me, Matthew Frick will make workings.)

"Car" Toons

1. Teaser One

Only shows Mater's shadow.

2. Teaser Two

Only shows the birds in shadows.

3. Teaser Three.

Don't be worried. It's just a lemon with a pig costume on!

4. Video 1: Mater Gameplay.

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