Angry Birds Blast! is an Angry Birds party game. It has 30 minigames.


Cardio goes into King Pig's Castle, specifically into Professor Pig's lab and used his Mutant Maker Machine to turn all of Sheen into a board game. The Mighty Eagle calls the birds to his cave and tells them about Cardio. The pigs are called by Cardio and he instructs them to stop the birds from turning Sheen back to normal. Cardio will gaze over the adventure the whole time. At the end, he will summon a recurring villain from the series to be the boss of the board.



Bird Side

Pork Side



  • Mighty Eagle
  • Cardio

Board hosts

  • A.L.R.A.R.F. (Fort Awesome Exterior)
  • Unnamed Pig (King Pig's Castle)
  • King Human (Human Sewers)
  • Om Nom (Young Birds' Toy Store)
  • Jetpack Pig (Airport Ascent)
  • Mighty Eagle and Cardio (Cardio's Board Game)


  1. Hostile A.L.R.A.R.F.
  2. Dra"cool"a
  3. Bromanor
  4. Wind-up A.L.R.A.R.F.
  5. Plane A.L.R.A.R.F.
  6. Mario
  7. Cardio (final boss)


  1. Fort Awesome Exterior
  2. King Pig's Castle
  3. Human Sewers
  4. Young Birds' Toy Store
  5. Airport Ascent
  6. Cardio's Board Game

List of minigames

  • Penny Chompers
  • Hot Tomato
  • Hedge Jog
  • Power Shower
  • Emperor of the Hill
  • Fanboy Says
  • Four-way Pong
  • AB Racing
  • Confirm the Cube
  • Brain Burn
  • Red, Paper, Scissors
  • Peek-a-Eek
  • Hop in the Heat
  • Memory Exterminator
  • Pepperoni Pac
  • Picture Worst
  • You're the the Black Bird's Real Name
  • Fish Legs
  • Radical Rolling
  • Boxing Balls
  • Squag Scooper
  • Size Does Matter
  • Shopping Karts
  • Atmos-fear
  • Sugar Zoom
  • Photo Perfect
  • Ring Follower
  • Stomp That
  • Break-In
  • Perpetual Places


  • Every minigame was inspired by at least one minigame from every Mario Party game.
  • Very few were inspired by ones from Crash Bash.

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