Batman + Angry birds

-villan side (pigs)

-superheroe side (Birds)

- vehicle side (birds)

-vehicle side (pigs)

Playable Characters (birds)

Red: Bruce Wayne

Matilda (male): Robin

1 Blue: Batmite

Red (female): Batgirl

Red: Superman

Red: Superboy

Hal: Red Tornado

stella: Carol

Chuck: shazam

1 blue: Guy Gardner

Red (female): Raven

1 Blue: Alfred

Terence: Batcow

Chuck: Comisioner Gordon

Bubbles: student of Cyborg

1 Blue: Plastic-man

Terence: marcian detective

Chuck (female): alondra

1 Blue: Flash

Stella: Lois Lane

Hal: Batman of the Future

Stella: wonder Woman

Chuck: Eduard Migma

Red: Flash Boy

1 Blue: Alfred (1966)

Red: Saint Walker

Stella: Terra

Bubbles (Female): tribu indigo

stella: Hawkgirl

Bomb: Reverse Flash

Hal: Cyborg

Huevo: Chico Bestia

Matilda: Star Fighter

Matilda (Male): Robin (1966)

terene: Hawk

Chuck (Female): Chica estrella

Hal: Terry Mcginnis

Stella: Miss Marcian

Bomb: Green Lantern

hal: aquaman

Chuck (female): La Cazadora

Red: Superman (Man of Steel)

Stella: Vixen

Bubbles: Green Arrow

Bomb: Atom

Hal: Dot-man

Red: Batman (1966)

Playable Characters (Pigs)

King pig: Joker

Chef Pig: Lex Luthor

King Pig: Joker (1966)

Moustache Pig: El pingüino (1966)

Female Pig: Hiedra Venenosa

Queen Pig: catwoman

Corporal pig: Brainiac

Corporal Pig: The Riddler (1966)

Moustache pig: Bane

Chef pig: Lex Luthor (superfriends)

Chef pig: Mr. Frio

Corporal Pig: The Riddler

Pig: 2 faces

Queen Pig: Catwoman (1966)

Moustache pig: The Firefly

Moustache Pig: Firefly

Female Pig: Harley Quinn

DLC Pack Dark Night Trilogy ($65)

Cerdo: 2 caras (Dark Night Version) Chuck: Comissioner Gordon (S.W.A.T)

Pig: Scarecrow (Batman Begins)

King pig: The Joker (Dark Night Version)

Red: Batman (Dark night Trilogy)

Moustache Pig: Bane (dark Night Raises)

Queen Pig: Catwoman (Dark Night Raises)

King Pig: The Joker (nurse)

DLC Pack Green Lantern ($50)

Bomb: Green Lantern (Movie)

King Pig: Black Hand

Bomb (dress like a pig): Yellow Lantern

Pig: Sinestro (Green Lantern corps)

Pig: Parralax

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