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Angry Birds Avengers is an all-new game from AllanofAmerica Productions and Marvel Entertainment. It was spawned from Angry Birds Marvel. Its release date is currently unknown.


Bird Side

  • Iron Man (Chuck) - shoots a highly concentrated laser beam.
  • Captain America (Red) - throws a shield like a boomerang.
  • Thor (Bomb) - unleashes a lightning storm.
  • Hulk (Terence) - smashes stuff.
  • Nick Fury (Hal) - fires bullets.
  • Black Widow (Stella) - spinning attack.
  • Hawkeye (Egg) - shoots an exploding arrow.


  • Dr. Selvig (Foreman Pig) - opens a portal, sending birds flying into it.
  • Hawkeye (Egg) - shoots an exploding arrow.
  • Loki (Red) - fires lightning from his Tesseract-powered staff.
  • Chitauri Warrior (Minion Pig) - shoots lasers.
  • Chitauri Commander (Corporal Pig) - shoots two lasers at once.


  1. Loki's Escape
  2. Gathering in Stuttgart
  3. Helicarrier Breakdown
  4. Battle of New York
  5. coming soon


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