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Angry Birds America is an all-new game from AllanofAmerica Productions. It is the sequel to Angry Birds World Tour (new version).
Angry Birds America

Release Date

September 1st, 2013


All Platforms (except PC)


AllanofAmerica Productions


Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Telepod

Number Of Episodes

Currently Unknown

First Episode

Heart Of Pigsie

Last Episode

Currently Unknown

Previous Game

Angry Birds Despicable Me

Next Game

Bad Piggies Star Wars II


After King Pig failed at taking over the world, he decided to only take over the United States of America. The Birds, realizing that it must be stopped, decide to protect the first and last hope for democracy and freedom.


Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

Green Bird

Big Brother Bird

Orange Bird

Pink Bird


  1.  Heart of Pigsie - Alabama
  2. Land of the Midnight Eggs - Alaska
  3. Bird Canyon State - Arizona
  4. Natural Eggs - Arkansas (coming soon)

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