Angry Birds Adventures is an Angry Birds game that involves the characters more than just the gameplay. Each Episode has 50 levels, 10 in each theme.


  1. Slingshot Stealers: The Pigs steal all of the slingshots to prevent the birds to retrive the eggs! Luckily, Crate Bird builds them a slingshot made out of scrap from the game Bad Piggies! If Terence stays there for too long, the slingshot may brake!
  2. Swine in Time: The Pigs travel back in time to the day of Poached eggs to help make their structures better, so they eat the eggs in the past! Can you handle harder levels with the same birds? And there are also EXTRA castles!
  3. Mountain Fight: The Pigs go into the mountains to get away! Can the birds stand the altitude or will they roll to the bottom? These levels have the ground SIDEWAYS.
  4. Atmosphere Barrier: The Pigs have gotten into the highest point of the sky. Will the birds be able to learn about switching from space to normal physics IN THE SAME LEVEL?
  5. Portal Birds: When the pigs steal the eggs, 2 new foes and 2 new friends join in. Will the normal birds figure out how to use the portals correctly?


  • All of the birds (including Jewel, Blu and Ice Bird) appear here.

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