Angry Birds Adventure is a TV series made by myself Grace A Hahl. Anyway theres 1 season but more will be released soon. More episode titles will be released also.

Openning Scene

In the openning the birds are with their eggs. But as always the pigs steal them. But they do it in many ways and on some days they bother the birds. In some other episodes the birds aren't bothered by the pigs at all. Scenes of other episodes start to roll while a remixed Angry Birds theme song plays.


Tyler the Red Bird

Hewie, Dewie, Louie the Blue Birds

Chuck the Yellow Bird

Bob (Or Bob-Omber) the Black Bird

Elliot the White Bird

Rush the Boomerang Bird

Terence the Big Brother Bird

Joey the Orange Bird

Deepfreeze the Ice Bird

Allen the Razor Bird

Skyler the Sonic Bird

King Royalster the King Pig

Royalster's Men (Normal,Helmet,Moustache Pigs)

Season 1 Episode List

1- The Feathers will Fly

2- "Peice" Out

3- Chill'n till we Freeze

4- Hamming and Jamming

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