Googles has returned, but The Birds Are Captured, all except for Some of the unseen Birds.

Angry Birds 8

Angry Birds 8


  • red bird
  • parasol goggle bird
  • goggle birds
  • lavender bird
  • big cactus brother bird
  • blue bird
    Angry Birds 9

    Spoiler of End of Ship Catch

  • boomerang bird
  • yellow bird
  • white bird
  • black bird
  • big brother bird
  • orange bird
  • scarlet bird
  • gray bird(penquin)
  • hawk
  • mighty eagle
  • blu
  • jewel
  • nico
  • Pedro
  • Rafael
  • Eva
  • mallard bird
  • flamingo(at runaway birds)
  • Boxing Bird
  • pteranodon
  • microraptor gui
  • cearadactylus
  • magpie bird


1.return of goggles:plains the pigs:TV studio.

3. Hanger Above: Clouds

4.the mighty setup:set upping place the piggy canyon:grand canyon.

6. Ship Catch: Shipwreck Island

7. Pork Choppers: Island Of Carnasara's jungle jive:rio de janeiro's jungle

9.aloha piggies:Hawaii(the beach)

10.runaway birds!:zoo(big bro and blu is caged in a flamingo exhibit)

11.Dinosaur!:Secret dinosaur island

12. Magpie:pie factory


  • small pig
  • medium pig
  • large pig
  • female pig
  • helmet pig
  • tornado pig
  • mustache pig
  • big pig(from AB space)
  • king pig


  • at meet the pigs if mighty hits the ground people heard saying"aaahhhh!".
  • googles return in this game.
  • there are more episode coming soon that will include blu,Jewel,Nico,Pedro,Rafael and Eva named "rio's jungle jive".
  • mighty dragon didn't need a purchase but it's power in this game is to fly straight and can only break ice,some wood,metal,a crack to steel,no effect to RP3(Rod Pig 3)(a strong brick made by pigs only can be broken by big cactus brother bird,mighty eagle,super seed big bro,super seed blue,super seed boomerang bird,super seed red bird,super seed orange bird and mega upgrade(app purchase)power up green mallard bird(from rio's jungle jive later)).

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