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Angry Birds 4

Angry Birds 4 is a new Angry Birds game.


Aqua Bird- Sticks its tounge to a weapon which breaks through stuff

Beige Bird-

Big Brother Bird- Moans.

Black Bird- Acts as an Bomb.

Blue Bird- Splits into Three.

Boomerang Bird- Acts as an Boomerang.

Pelican- Spins.

Charcoal Bird- Burns through stuff.

Chestnut Bird-

Chicken- Nothing

Copy Bird- Copies a birds ablitie.

Curious Bird-

Drill Bird -

Fire Bird-

Forest Bird- Creates a tree which acts as a Slingshot.

Frag Bird- Acts as a bomb then releses frag bombs.

Gold Bird- Shoots powerful Rays.




Heat Bird- Shoots fireballs.

Ice Bird-

Iron Bird-

Kicking Bird-

Knife Bird-

Laser Bird-

Lavender Bird- Inflates then explodes.

Lime Bird-

Love Bird- Makes the nearest Pig fall in love

Magenta Bird-

Marine Blue Bird-

Maroon Bird-

Metal Bird-

Mighty Eagle- Strong.

Minisun Bird-

Mocha Bird-

Ninja Bird- Acts all ninja style

Padawan Bird-

Periwinkle Bird-



Purple Bird-


Racketball Bird-

Red Bird-

Robin Hood Bird-

Rock Bird-


Scarlet Bird-

Sensai Bird-

Silver Bird-

Swooping Condor-

Teacup Bird-

Teal Bird-


Thunder Bird-

Time Bird-

Torpedo Bird-

Turquoise Bird-

White Bird- Drops Bombs.

Violet Bird-

Yellow Bird-


small pig- not strong pig

blue pig- same as helmet pig

helmet- small strong

black pig- same as monkey

monkey- medium strong

grand father pig- same queen pig

queen pig- same as king pig

king pig- strong hard

monster pig- super strong pig


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