Angry Birds 360 is the only Angry Birds game that is only one game system. Shortly after Angry Birds Trilogy was made for the Xbox 360, Rovio decided to take on 3-D versions of the birds. Later they decided to make a 3D animated game only made for the Xbox 360. Now, we have all heard of a Xbox 720 coming out this year, this does not mean that Rovio will make Angry Birds 720.


Angry Birds 360 takes place in present time, the pigs still have the eggs and have a golden star and want to use it for a machine, running on the star's energy, to take all eggs from all over the world. The greedy pigs have also a golden egg powered launcher.



Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

Boomerang Bird

Big Brother Bird

Orange Bird


Minion Pig

Helmet Pig

Moustace Pig (Usually referred to as 'generals')

King Pig

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