Zombie Black Pigs

Zombie Pigs

Angry Birds: Zombies features zombie pigs. The zombie pigs stole the birds eggs when another red bird falls into a potion that turned him into a zombie.


From the creators of SEGA Bass Fishing of the Dead comes a spine tingilling tale based off of horror classics such as Friday the 13th, The Exorist, 30 Days of Night and more... so get ready for chills, hills and mind beniding thrills!


  • Red bird
  • Blue bird
  • Yellow bird
  • Black bird
  • White bird
  • Boomerang bird
  • Big brother bird
  • Orange bird
  • Zombie red bird
  • Mighty Eagle (Not Playable Without Purchase)


  • Small pig
  • Medium pig
  • Large pig
  • Helmet pig
  • Moustache pig
  • King pig
  • Hard hat pig
  • Zombie small pig
  • Zombie medium pig
  • Zombie helmet pig
  • Zombie moustache pig
  • Zombie king pig
  • Zombie hard hat pig

Theme Song

Ham'O'Ween - Angry Birds Seasons Music01:16

Ham'O'Ween - Angry Birds Seasons Music

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