Angry Birds: Yo, King Pig! Why'd You Kill Our Garbage?!! is a game in the Angry Birds series.
Angry Birds Garbage

The logo.


Tomorrow's garbage day. While the birds are sleeping, King Pig and other pigs sneak into Mt. Fort Awesome and  kill their garbage. When the birds wake up, Red goes downstairs to check on the garbage and notices it died. The doorbell rings and Bubbles answers it. There was nothing but a note. It said something about the birds being invited to a party at the Green Dumps. The birds get there and all the Garbadepets (the inhabitats) are dead. There was a note and Matilda read it. It said something about that King Pig killed the birds' garbage and there is a  Super Reviving Seed in his castle. The birds go forth to find the Super Reviving Seed and bring their garbage back to life.



  1. Diesel Fuel
  2. Bromanor
  3. Mario
  4. Fourth-in-commands (Freckles, Mechanic Pig, Chef Pig, Chronicler Pig, Professor Pig, and Postman Pig)
  5. Dra"cool"a
  6. Helmet & Moustachio
  7. Prince Pig
  8. King Pig (final boss)



  1. Take a Dump
  2. Fort Awesome Valley
  3. Green Pig Greens
  4. Plant Kingdom
  5. Eagle Cave
  6. Prince Pig's Toy Store
  7. Breakfast Kingdom
  8. King Pig's Castle
  • It's in a Better Place (bonus)
  • Golden Trash Bags


Something5Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

When King Pig is defeated the birds go to Green Dumps and everyone is alive and King Pig just casted a sleep spell on them. The birds have a funeral for their killed garbage. Many Green Dumps citizens are there too. Whenever a shooting star is seen, the birds wish their garbage would come back to life and it was actually alive. Meanwhile at Pig Castle, King Pig is in his room in bed looking up into the sky and he sees the same shooting star, while he wishes on the dead garbage, Girly Pig 100% opens the door in fury and scolds at him for dating someone else. She ruthlessly beats him up, accidentally causing the Super Reviving Seed to fall, infact it falls on the dead garbage, causing it to come ("back") to life. King Pig was injured so bad, he had to stay in the hospitle until his next plan.

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