Angry Birds : X-men

Angry Birds: X-men was realeased by rovio and marvel on deceember 8th, 2012


Cyclops bird (red bird with cyclops's visors, has same ability as lazer bird)

Rogue bird (blue bird that goes ahead to absorb material that it hits, then two more made of that material can be fired)

Wolverine bird (yellow bird with claws that slash through structure)

Storm bird (bomb bird that unleashes lightning when it explodes)

Jean Grey bird (white bird that launches telepathy eggs)

Gambit bird (boomerang bird that launches explosive cards after release)

Beast bird (dark blue, furry big brother bird)

Emma Frost bird (ice bird that blows ice wind and freezes objects on structures)


Minion pig 

Juggernaut pig (helmet pig with juggernaut helmet)

Sabertooth pig (moustache pig with saber teeth)

Magneto pig (king pig with magneto's helmet and magnet abilities)

Setinel pig (robotic pig that randomly shoots lasers at birds) 


1:Mutant vs. Pig

2:Wrath of the setinel pigs

3:Mutants Hunted

4:Magnet dimension

5:Mutant war

6:The unstoppable pig army

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