Angry birds wild and furious bAck-horz

The Album

    Angry Birds: Wild and Furious Vocal Album is a Vocal Game Album of the 2009 popular app game Angry Birds.

Album Info

The album includes the first exclusive vocal themes of the Angry Birds. It was released on October 30, 2012.

Track List 

  1. "Unknown From R.E.D" (Theme of Red) - Marlon Saunders
  2. "Believe in OurSelves" (Theme of The Blues) - Kaz Silver
  3. "It Doesn't Matter" (Theme of Chuck) - Tony Harnell
  4. "All Hail Bomb Bird" (Theme of Bomb) - Magna-Fi
  5. "Fly In The Freedom" (Theme of Matilda) - Tabitha Fair
  6. "Lazy Days(Livin In Paradise)" (Theme of Hal) - Ted Poley
  7. "Unknown From T.E.R.E.N.C.E" (Theme of Terence) - Marlon Saunders
  8. "Follow Me" (Theme of Bubbles) - Kay Hanley
  9. "My Sweet Passion" (Theme of Stella) - Nikki Gregoroff
  10. "K.I.N.G.P.I.G" (Theme of King Pig) - Paul Shortino

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