Angry Birds: Unpig Attack is a classic Bad Piggies Style game where you have to drive away from Unpigs (Undead Piggies). The game features 5 (Confirmed) Episodes (And Counting) , Each with 36 Levels, And 10 Zombie Tip Levels that can be unlocked in-game.

The Plot

The first scene starts with a pig camping in the middle of the woods. He hears a sound and goes towards it. Suddenly, He faints and then the next day, The birds eggs have gone missing. Some strange behaviour has been noted in the Pigs. Now the Birds and Pigs team up to find a path to safety and drive away from these weird Zombie like pigs.


Zombie Tip - Gives you a tip about zombies and unlocks a level. Found In-Game

Summon Time Eater - Summons Time Eater from Angry Birds: Time Villians to pause time and get you away from the Unpigs. Comeplete the game to unlock him.

Parts- Can be found ingame. Gives you more parts to build from.

New Game+ - Begin with the all the parts you have unlocked. Complete the game with 3 Stars on every level to unlock.

Running Flock- Time Trail Mode. Complete Zombie Tip Levels to unlock. Codes- Use Codes to unlock certain parts.

Cutscenes- Title says it all.


Episode 1- 1.Strange Sounds

2.Flock in the City

3.Dog the God

4.Finding Refuge

5.Mechanical Menace

6. Fly, Piggy, Fly!

Episode 2-

7. Flooded Waterway

Coming Soon

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